Forthcoming Visits :

If you are interested in any of these MKAS Visits, or if you have any suggestions for any future MKAS visits, please contact Chris Bosworth by e-mail at

Monday September 9th
The Twinwood airfield museum (near Bedford)

This is a local museum which we have never visited to the best of my knowledge. RAF Twinwood Farm was used as a World War II night fighter training airfield with Havocs, Beaufighters and Mosquitos amongst the aircraft based there and is also famous as the airfield from which Glenn Miller took off (allegedly!), never to be seen again. The restored airfield buildings now play host to a museum dedicated to the units based there as well as a collection of military vehicles and a specific Glenn Miller museum. Our evening visit at 18.00 will enable us to spend as long as we wish there before retreating for a pint locally perhaps?

Cost will be £6 and there is no limit on numbers.

Friday November 8th 2019
RAF Museum Hendon (with lunchtime lecture)

We have not had a group visit to Hendon in many a long year so it will be good to see the changes made during the major refurbishment over the past two years. This visit is timed to coincide with one of their Legacy of the First World War lunchtime lectures “Bombing Red Petrograd” which explores the Royal Air Force’s role in the Baltic campaign of 1919.

I have 20 places available and there is no charge for this visit although a donation to the museum’s funds would be appreciated.