Forthcoming Visits :

If you are interested in any of these MKAS Visits, or if you have any suggestions for any future MKAS visits, please contact Chris Bosworth by e-mail at

Thursday February 17th 2022
The Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation – Hunt House, Paulerspury

Those of you who have visited Hunt House will have glimpsed the remarkable collection of Rolls-Royce memorabilia there and they have kindly offered us the opportunity of a guided tour of the collection. Apologies for the error in last month’s newsletter which said that the 17th was a Wednesday! It is Thursday !!!


The cost will be £15 (including tea/coffee/biscuits).

Tuesday April 19th 2022
Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar

I have arranged a Technical Tour of this impressive collection of WWII fighters with up to 15 aircraft on site at any time, mainly Spitfires but also one Hurricane and an Me-109. Several are airworthy with others in various stages of restoration. We will talk to the engineers working on them and look at the restoration process in detail. Weather permitting, we will also watch a Spitfire engine start. The following morning, we have a visit to the Gatwick Aviation Museum so you have the option of booking this visit on its own or staying overnight for a “double-header”. If you would like a suggestion of where to stay, please contact me via the email address above.

I have a few places left and the cost is £79 per head. A £20 deposit will be needed to secure your place and the visit will begin at 16.30.

Wednesday April 20th 2022
Gatwick Aviation Museum

This museum is home to a a collection of aircraft from the golden era of British aviation (e.g. Sea Vixen, Lightning, Meteor, Harrier) and will be opening especially for us. They will also open and give us a tour of their Shackleton MR.3

The cost is £15 and can be booked together with or independently of the Biggin Hill tour above. 

Polish Aviation Museum, Krakow  
New date to be confirmed

A group of us will be visiting this excellent museum which houses a great selection of Cold War jets from the Eastern Bloc as well as "Goehring's Toys", a unique collection of WW I fighters collected by Goehring in Berlin and rediscovered in Poland after WW II. It also gives you the opportunity to make a long weekend in and around the beautiful city of Krakow. Please let me know (07860 629494 or if you are interested in coming along and I will provide further details.