Lecture Programme :

All lectures are held during our monthly meetings at our Kents Hill Community Centre venue (see the 'Contact Us' page for full details).

Doors open at 19.30 for a 20.00 start.

12th November 2019

Mike Hallett - Wing Commander Harold Blackburn MC AFC

Mike Hallett charts the life of his grandfather, aviation pioneer Harold Blackburn.  Some of his career milestones include building his own aircraft in 1909, employed as test pilot/instructor for Blackburn aircraft, winning the Wars of the Roses air race in 1913, flying the first scheduled air service in Britain and being mentioned in despatches 4 times while serving with the RFC in WW1.  Read more....

10th December 2019

Les Evans - Satellites, Orbits and Rockets

We live in exciting times!  This is an explanation of what being in orbit really means, the various types of earth orbits used, and the types of satellite systems that inhabit them.  This is followed by a look at launch systems, the types of rockets used, and the unprecedented acceleration in launcher development that is going on right now.  The year 2019 may well represent a watershed in mankind’s space launch capabilities.

Presented by an experienced Concorde pilot and test pilot who always yearned to be an astronaut!

14th January 2020

Greg Baughen - 'An Independent RAF - Inspiration or Aberration?'

Author Greg Baughen returns with his latest instalment in the history of British air power.  The creation of the world's first independent air force is generally recognized as a landmark event in military history. There were many advantages to having an independent air service, but what were the disadvantages?  This talk looks at how the emergence of air power forced the services to think differently about how they worked together. It takes a fresh look at the thinking behind the decision to create the RAF and the problems and dangers its creation caused.

11th February 2020

Debbie Land - Time Flies at Old Warden

The Shuttleworth Collection was opened to the public in 1963 and is home to a large collection of unique and historic aircraft and vehicles from the Edwardian era to World War 2.

Debbie Land, a Shuttleworth Collection Volunteer, will present the story and history of this airworthy collection of aeroplanes & vehicles, some of which are over 100 years old, together with images and audio visual clips of some of most interesting aircraft in flight.

10th March 2020

MKAS AGM and Photo Competition

14th April 2020

Peter Griffiths - Sextant to SatNav - 45 Years in Aviation

Peter Griffiths takes us on a journey through his aviation career.  Peter started his flying with BOAC in 1967, navigating by map, compass and sextant.  After 8 years he joined Cathay Pacific and stayed with them for 29 years, reaching the position of Fleet Manager B747.  After leaving Cathay, he flew executive jets until retiring in 2013.  Read more....