Lecture Programme :

All lectures are held during our monthly meetings at our Kents Hill Community Centre venue (see the 'Contact Us' page for full details).

Doors open at 19.30 for a 20.00 start. 

We are pleased to announce that we are now back at our usual venue at Kents Hill.

14th December 2021

Peter Griffiths - Sextant to SatNav - 45 Years in Aviation, part 2

Following his extremely entertaining lecture last year, Peter Griffiths returns with more tales from his long career in aviation.  We pick up the story after Peter’s time with BOAC and Cathay Pacific, when he moves in to the world of executive aviation

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11th January 2022

Jim Nicolson - The Forgotten Air VC's of the Great War

During the Great War, some 628 Victoria Crosses were awarded, of which only nineteen were to aviators.  In his talk Jim Nicolson will detail the stories of just four of the lesser-known VC recipients with some jaw-dropping accounts of the actions for which they were awarded their decoration

8th February 2022

Joe Jackson - TSR2 – The Bomber that Rarely Flew

Joe Jackson’s presentation covers the TSR-2’s chequered story. A story of pride that, despite political infamy and unkept promises, demonstrated unmatched technical evolution and resolve

8th March 2022

MKAS AGM and Photo Competition

12th April 2022

Professor Mike Bagshaw - Hunter Heavy Breathing - Tales of XL563, Part 2

Following his hugely fascinating lecture in 2021, Professor Mike Bagshaw returns to continue the story of his work with the Institute if Aviation Medicine.  Hunter T7 XL563, the first production T7, served with the IAM from May 1963 until its retirement in July 1993.  This time Mike explains the development of aircraft oxygen systems with the help of XL563

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10th May 2022

Nigel MacKnight - The X-15 Rocketplane

Based on author Nigel MacKnight’s new book, this is an insight into the fabulous X-15 research plane that flew as high as 354,200 feet and at speeds as fast as 4,520mph (Mach 6.7).  A total of 199 test flights were undertaken over a ten-year period ending in the late 1960’s

14th June 2022

Tony Dixon - Phantom F-4J and 74 Squadron

Former Phantom Navigator Tony Dixon presents a talk covering the varied history of the 'Tigers' and why the F-4J (UK) was purchased.  It will emphasise the aircraft's good points and also its 'foibles', and the major differences encountered by the Squadron to bring it in line with RAF procedures. Finally, Tony will cover its untimely demise and disposal