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Lecture Programme :

All lectures are held (unless otherwise stated) during our monthly meetings at our Kents Hill Community Centre venue (see the 'Contact Us' page for full details).

Doors open at 19.30 for a 20.00 start. 

14th May 2024

Rod Dean - 'The Wooden Wonder' - Development of the de Havilland Mosquito

Popular speaker Rod Dean returns to present an in-depth study of the development, construction and use of the outstanding de Havilland Mosquito and all its variants

11th June 2024

Dave Thomson - History of RAF Henlow

Dave Thompson, of the RAF Henlow Signals Museum, will tonight present a history of RAF Henlow.  This will include the origin of the site in 1917, WW1 and interwar years, its valuable contribution to WW2 as a Maintenance Unit, post-war use and the future of the site


Details to follow

9th July 2024

Alan Marlow - 'Operation Backfire'

Alan Marlow is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society who tonight tells us of the little remembered Operation Backfire.  This was a military scientific operation during and after the Second World War that was performed mainly by British staff. The operation was designed to completely evaluate the entire V-2 rocket assembly, interrogate German personnel specialized in all phases of it, and then to test and launch missiles across the North Sea

13th August 2024

Lecture TBC

10th September 2024

MKAS Signature Lecture

Details to follow

8th October 2024

Aldon Ferguson - The Allied Invasion of Iceland

After the Nazis had occupied Norway Britain was fearful that they would try to occupy Iceland and the Faroe Islands, so they made a ‘friendly ‘ invasion on 10 May 1940 when four British ships, full of Marines, landed unopposed at Reykjavik, without a single shot being fired and no loss of life.  Historian Aldon Ferguson explains how the British promised to stay out of Islandic politics and were quickly accepted and the war became known there as ‘The Blessed War’ as the British protected them from Nazi invasion but more importantly gave work to the locals in building roads, bridges, barracks, hospitals and everything necessary for an occupying army.  25,000 British troops were stationed there for a while but they were needed back in Britain after France fell, so Churchill persuaded Roosevelt to take over as guardian

12th November 2024

Les Evans - Electric and Hydrogen Powered Aircraft

Details to follow

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