Lecture Programme :

All lectures are held during our monthly meetings at our Kents Hill Community Centre* venue (see the 'Contact Us' page for full details).

Doors open at 19.30 for a 20.00 start.

*Please note it is not currently possible to hold our lectures at Kents Hill - please click here.

** Covid regulations allowing, our September lecture will be held at the Hunt House, Paulerspury and tickets must be pre-booked


8th June 2021 -  This lecture will be presented via Zoom

Aldon Ferguson - The Berlin Blockade and Air Lift, 1948 – 1949

Aldon Ferguson of the RAF Burtonwood Association and Airfield Publications presents the story of the Berlin Air Lift following growing tensions between the Soviets and the West.  He will explain how and why the blockade started; the Allied organisation and operation of the Air Lift from June 1948 until May 1949, continuing until September 1949.  The facts and figures how it was managed; the difficulties, human loss, Soviet interference, political intrigue, which aircraft were used and how they were maintained

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30th June 2021 - via Zoom

Down Memory Lane 2 

The second in our new series looking back at our members’ memories features trips to Moscow and Europe. Chris Bosworth will review two trips to Moscow in 1992 and 1993, when Glasnost (“Openness”) was still the name of the game. As well as visits to airfields and museums around Moscow, these trips also took in the first airshows staged in Moscow open to foreigners and they were “jaw-dropping” events in so many ways. Steve Bell will also recall a road trip in Europe back in 1976 featuring the USAF Open Day at Ramstein and other locations in Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Zoom invitations will be sent out to all members on our email list before the event

13th July 2021

Rod Dean - The Spitfire and Seafire - This lecture will (probably) be presented via Zoom - TBC

Popular speaker Rod Dean returns with a detailed review of the development of the Spitfire from the Mk.1 to the Seafire Mk.47 covering all the major variations including the various engine combinations, gun installations and the increasing need for more fuel! The improvements in performance and the handling aspects of the Spitfire are also discussed

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10th August 2021 - Mode of presentation TBC

Mike Napier - The Gloster Javelin

Former Tornado Flight Commander and renowned aviation author Mike Napier tonight joins us with an overview of the operational history of the Gloster Javelin.

He will look at the various versions and squadrons the Javelin served with, together with an appraisal of the weapons systems and performance

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14th September 2021

John Hutchinson, Les Evans & David MacDonald - Memories of Concorde**

MKAS are proud to present a special evening celebrating the Concorde.  Joining us to deliver their own unique perspectives of this iconic aircraft are John Hutchinson – Concorde Captain; Les Evans – Concorde First Officer and David MacDonald – Concorde Flight Engineer

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12th October 2021

Professor Mike Bagshaw - Hunter Heavy Breathing

The RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine was established in February 1945 incorporating a man-carrying centrifuge.  The IAM also had a dedicated Hunter T7, XL563, available as a research aircraft.  Professor Mike Bagshaw served with the IAM as a Senior Medical Officer Pilot and describes his work in the development of acceleration protection and oxygen systems and will outline some of the other significant research and development undertaken by the IAM

9th November 2021

Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork (ret'd) - Behind Enemy Lines

Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork (ret’d) MBE delivers a talk covering the organisation of escape and evasion of RAF aircrew during World War Two with particular emphasis on the ‘escape lines’ established in Europe with the help of local Resistance organisations

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14th December 2021

Peter Griffiths - Sextant to SatNav - 45 Years in Aviation, part 2

Following his extremely entertaining lecture last year, Peter Griffiths returns with more tales from his long career in aviation.  We pick up the story after Peter’s time with BOAC and Cathay Pacific, when he moves in to the world of executive aviation

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Coming in 2022:

Jim Nicolson – Forgotten Air VC’s of the Great War

Joe Jackson – TSR2 – The Bomber that Rarely Flew

Nigel MacKnight – The X-15 Rocketplane