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Welcome to the Milton Keynes Aviation Society.

We are a friendly group of enthusiasts who meet each month to hear high quality speakers on a variety of aviation topics. Have a look at our Lecture Programme and come along as a visitor for £5 (no charge for members).

We visit RAF/USAF bases, special events, manufacturers, etc. as you can see from our Visits Programme.


Members also receive a monthly MKAS Newsletter.

Membership costs £22 per year (Membership Form on the Archives and Documents page).

As the Milton Keynes Branch of Air-Britain our members can buy top class Air-Britain publications at a substantial discount.


12th December 2023

'Attack on the Sorpe Dam'

A special showing of the film commissioned by The International Bomber Command Centre

9th January 2024

Anthony Inglis Howard-Williams - '100 Years of RAF Family History'

Anthony Inglis Howard-Williams is a renowned musical conductor, and tonight gives a presentation on his incredible family flying history.  This includes a grandfather who was head of RAF Intelligence during WW2, and another who was involved in the battles of the Somme and Passchendaele in WW1.  His great uncle was instrumental in the ‘little ships’ rescue at Dunkirk, and his father flew with ‘Cat’s Eye’s’ Cunningham’s squadron.  His son is currently a serving RAF Officer

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