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Thursday May 21st 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Shuttleworth Collection

We have been invited by Peter Holloway, one of the collection’s pilots and owner of a number of aircraft including the Fieseler Storch, for a “behind closed doors” tour of the museum. Peter will guide us through some of the collection’s more interesting machines with the possible option of retiring to a local hostelry afterwards.

The visit will begin at 1700 and the cost will be £15 but a further £10 on the night will gain you a year’s membership of the SVAS with all its benefits.

Places are still available.

Saturday June 27th 2015

Orford Ness

We have a half day Military History themed guided tour of what is now a National Trust nature reserve but with unique military/aviation connections. Originally home to WW1 fighter airfields, it then became an important research establishment developing radar and finally atomic weapons. We will use a towed trailer to explore the site but some walking will be involved.

The visit will last 3 hours starting at 1045.

24 places are available at a cost of £21 (£16 for National Trust members).

Saturday July 25th 2015

Croydon Airport Visitor Centre

A dedicated guided tour of the Visitor Centre to follow January’s fascinating lecture on the airport’s history.

The tour will last 1.5 - 2 hours starting at 1030.

The cost will be £10.


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